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This translation of the Legend of the Northern Blade Novel is translated into English from the Chinese Machine Translation of the Novel. It is not a direct translation meaning it is not entirely accurate. It is still mostly accurate due to the similarities between Korean and Chinese languages.
We are also fact-checking and correcting the names and terms using the Northern Blade Wiki and official Chinese Translation of the Manhwa as reference so as to be more consistent and accurate. Note: We do not have any Patreon pages or tip jars for people to donate to! We run this translation purely as volunteers and we do not accept any form of monetary assistance due to the possibility of legal and licensing issues and the pressure that comes with monetary gain. We are also not monetizing this site in any way! We have not put any ads in here! Instead of asking to donate to us, please buy the official Korean Raws of the manhwa and novel if you can afford to do so!



NorthBladeTL is a Chinese-to-English translator who has translated various novels for fun since 2010 (under a different name haha).


TheGreatT20 is just a random dude who really likes the Northern Blade series and has been helping out with the community around the series and the wiki for the past year or so! I have always wanted to do a proper translation of the series and when NorthBladeTL reached out to me with a translation, I readily agreed! I guess I am just hyped for a proper translation of this amazing novel! All thanks to NorthBladeTL!


Onur is a self taught developer who does what he desires. When I first read the Northern Blade I loved how the story is exciting and world creation is awesome. The time I saw the english translation coming out I wanted to create a website for them!

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